Product Review: ShuSha Leather Baby Bibs

Product Review: ShuSha Leather Baby Bibs

Product Review: ShuSha Leather Baby Bibs

  • Author: Robyn van der Merwe

Parents around the world face the same struggle every single day. The dreaded soggy bib saga! 

You feed your little one or they’re drooling up a storm thanks to the teething phase and you’re left with wet and dirty bibs that need replacing. 

Multiple times a day, you’re forced to strip your baby of a soaking wet bib, only to replace it with another bib that will soon soak through and cause a mess. 

Thankfully, there’s no need to fret because ShuSha Baby has provided a helpful solution! 

Getting to Know ShuSha Baby 

Keeping a baby clean and dry gets a little easier thanks to ShuSha Baby, creators of genuine leather bibs. There’s no need to constantly have a supply of bibs on hand that will need to be thrown in the washing machine when these stunning leather bibs are available. 

Created by Amália Aracena, a mom of two, ShuSha Baby was born in an attempt to take control of a busy day. When you’re a hardworking mom with a young baby, life can be hard to manage and these bibs are designed to take one less thing off your plate. 

After spilling juice on her leather handbag, Amália realised that it was exactly what she needed to repel the constant clean up. It just made sense to turn them into bibs that can be cleaned on the go without having to work about anything soaking through and ruining her kid’s clothing. 

While there are thousands of baby bibs on the market right now, ShuSha are the only genuine leather baby bibs that are handmade right here in South Africa! Unique and beautiful, these bibs tick all the boxes! 

Lastly, if you’re an Instagram parent who wants their kid to look adorable for that perfect photo opportunity, then ShuSha delivers. Stunning designs and never-soggy by nature, these bibs are great for every occasion. 

Our Favourite Features 

You may be wondering what makes ShuSha Baby so special. And we have many reasons to love these stylish bibs. 

Staying clean – One of the most annoying features of regular cotton bibs is that they require constant washing and can often become stained with food or medicine. Leather is the perfect material when feeding a little one or when dealing with drool, because it simply needs to be wiped clean! It may not sound like much, but trust us, it’s a lifesaver. 

Cute designs – The bibs are simple in design but adorable too. They perfectly match any outfit as they come in two-tone natural colours such as brown and beige. The lack of bright colours may be a little different for some, but it works perfectly in every situation. Plus, the stamped designs such as moons, stars, clouds, and rainbows mean that you don’t have to worry about fading or cracking. 

Eco-friendly – Much like using cloth diapers, leather bibs are gentle on the environment. The price may put many parents off as they retail for R399,99 each. But instead of having to spend hundreds of Rands on piles of bibs, you only need one ShuSha bib! Of course, you’ll want to grab more because of the stylish designs, but that’s totally your choice. There’s also less washing that needs to be done, making these bibs the perfect waterwise accessory for your baby or toddler. 

How to Purchase a ShuSha Baby Bib 

ShuSha Baby is a local company based in South Africa, but they ship around the world! Simply visit their website at and you can make your purchase with the click of your mouse. 

Your order will arrive in a beautiful box that will have you snapping a photo for Instagram to show off your gorgeous new purchase. 

Image: ShuSha Baby on Facebook Protection Status